The Renaissance Fine Art and Photography Studio of Aurora began business in 2006 at the site of the newly refurbished Congregational Church located at 911 L St. 

In 2011 the business was relocated to the square at 1210 L St. in beautiful downtown Aurora, Nebraska

The Renaissance is a full service studio providing award winning portrait photography and artwork.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 1:00pm to 4:00pm, with after hours and weekend
session times available upon request.










Hello, I am Jana Van Housen, and this is my studio.
I was born in North Dakota, raised in western Nebraska,
and now call Aurora home. My life's work has been about creating images
whether they're on the canvas, in the camera, or in a magazine. My art and
photography training spans nearly forty years, and I have garnered several
awards and many recognitions along the way. While my work remains
grounded in the classic styles of both painting and portraiture I am
forever expanding my vision of each with continuing study and work.
I am proud to call Aurora my home and base my brick and mortar business here.
Stop by sometime and have your portrait taken, or sit in the photo booth, or get a
passport taken, or inquire about an art class.
I'll be happy to serve you.